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About Ben Reyer

As the son of Austrian parents in Los Angeles, Ben Reyer grew up in two worlds of different values, which he increasingly questions, developing a critical view of our world. Fascinated and irritated at the same time by the omnipresent pictures from advertising and media he began creating collages very early with a handmade copy and paste process. Ben Reyer separates individual motifs from posters and magazine pages, integrates them into new forms and puts them in relation to one another. The results are colourful structures with a complex content that revolve around issues of power, social and societal policy.

In a constant process of searching, finding and collecting subjects, the ideas for Ben Reyer's collages arise, which he puts in opposition to our society of today. He destroys the image that magazines and newspapers propagandise and unmasks it. His weapons: scissors and glue.

While collage artists often use images from the Internet and work on them digitally, Reyer always works with original printed from magazines or posters, and cuts and glues manually.

Similar to a DJ he samples and mixes the image fragments. However, these are never chosen randomly or unconsciously.

On the contrary: if a topic is worked on, Ben Reyer is able to create images and design his work in a targeted manner. In doing so, densely charged artworks are created,r evolving around themes of power, war, and society.





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